IBC 2022, Amsterdam – Colorfront ( – the multi-award-winning developer of high-performance dailies/transcoding/streaming systems for motion pictures, OTT, broadcast and commercials – is reporting a surge in global demand for its live-streaming systems for remote collaboration, as the company showcases new features across the product line at IBC 2022. These include advances to the latest versions of Colorfront Streaming Server, Streaming Server Mini, Streaming Player, Advanced Streaming Gateway and Broker Invitation System.

Launched in lockdown, to support and sustain global demand for the production and post production of media content, Colorfront streaming solutions have grown in popularity as remote collaboration, across different time zones and continents, has become an established practice. This growth is due to the reference-quality, low-latency, frame/colour accurate performance of Colorfront systems, combined with their security, ease-of-use over public/private internet, and sheer affordability.

Colorfront remote streaming systems have taken Hollywood by storm, with major studios, OTTs and post-production groups on the growing list of satisfied customers, along with boutique facilities worldwide, including Disney, Warner Bros., HBO and Netflix, alongside Light Iron, Company3, Streamland Media and Color Collective in the US, Roundtable Post in London, Spectrum Films and Soundfirm in Australia, Flux Futureworks in India, and Grupo Atomica in Chile. Colorfront’s live-streaming systems have been successfully deployed in the post pipelines of major productions such as WeCrashed (Apple TV+), The White House Plumbers (HBO), Reservation Dogs (FX), The Old Man (Hulu), Devotion (Sony) and Mixtape (Netflix).

"The best part about Colorfront Streaming Server is the ability for us to work in our native color space and resolution, and still include our collaborators around the world,” said Alex Bickel, Founder of Color Collective in New York. “I can grade in my theater in 4K XYZ, P3 while my remote collaborators can view a faithful HD Rec.709 representation at the same time. Having the ability to do this on one box has been a game changer.”

"With the need to provide creatives the ability to review at the highest quality, The Foundation chooses Colorfront Streaming Server because its’ image quality is unmatched,” said Gareth Cook, Owner/Colorist at The Foundation in Los Angeles.

“Live, remote collaboration is here to stay, and we have proven that it works efficiently, at industry professional level, while being very financially competitive,” said Bruno Munger, Colorfront’s Director of Business Development. “Adding to this compelling portfolio, we have also developed the Advanced Streaming Gateway and Broker cloud-based eco-systems, that users can own and manage themselves, privately and independently from Colorfront. Pricing for our remote systems are on-application, but prospective customers will find they are highly-affordable by comparison.”

Colorfront Streaming Server:
Colorfront Streaming Server is a compact 1RU server appliance, incorporating Colorfront Engine to deliver state-of-the art color-managed pipelines on SDR/HDR materials. Brand new features include multi-channel NDI support with web-based multi-user server control. Streaming Server can simultaneously stream up to four channels of 4K 4:4:4 or 4:2:0, 256-bit AES-encrypted, reference-quality video, including Dolby Vision and high frame-rate 3D Stereo, plus up to 16-channels of 24-bit AAC or uncompressed PCM audio, to remote clients anywhere worldwide over the public internet.

Colorfront Streaming Server Mini:
Streaming Server Mini is a brand new, software-only product for Mac/PC workstations, that also now features an NDI interface and allows creative digital artists to live-stream material directly from popular NLE, compositing and color grading systems, without the need for additional hardware. Using Streaming Server Mini, work-in-progress content can be streamed to stakeholders, around the world from systems like Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut, Blackmagic Resolve, Autodesk Flame and Foundry Nuke. Also new, is an OpenFX plug-in ability for digital artists to stream from Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve in the cloud, plus new user authentication for server control. AWS CDI (Cloud Digital Interface) support allows users in the cloud to connect Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) instances to stream from Filmlight Baselight.

Streaming Server Mini is easily installed host workstations with AJA or Blackmagic video i/o, and works in real-time with UHD/HD/2K content, in SDR/HDR, supporting Dolby Vision and multi-channel audio. SRT (Secure Reliable Transport Protocol) and 256-bit AES encryption ensure content remains protected. Streaming Server Mini software is available for download now from

Colorfront Streaming Player:
Streaming Player is Colorfront’s video receiver software enabling critical remote viewing, approval and QC on a variety of displays, from smart phones to a 4K Dolby cinema screen. It runs on Windows and Mac platforms, is now available with a demonstration stream within the downloadable app from Apple App Store, for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K. New features include multi-channel audio output on Apple TV 5.1/7.1, plus a new reference mode in HDR on iPad Pro.

Colorfront Advanced Streaming Gateway & Broker Invitation System:
To optimize the streaming experience, Colorfront has developed Advanced Streaming Gateway, that supports secure, predictable streaming to many destinations simultaneously when using Colorfront systems, or 3rd party SRT streaming servers or clients, and integrates with Colorfront Broker Invitation System a secure, global stream management service.

During IBC 2022, Colorfront systems will be shown at Amazon AWS (Booth# 5.C80) on the main showfloor, as well as in scheduled demonstrations at The Okura Hotel, Amsterdam.

About Colorfront: Colorfront is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with offices in Los Angeles, plus sales partners worldwide. The company's popular, award-winning on-set dailies and transcoding systems are utilized by small, medium and large companies alike, to process and deliver media for Hollywood blockbusters, high-end episodic TV and OTT internet entertainment. The firm was founded in 2000 by Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who were instrumental in the advent of non-linear DI color grading. Combining in-depth expertise in image color science with a pedigree in cutting-edge software development, the company's R&D team earned an Academy Award in 2010 for Lustre, Autodesk's DI grading system, and a Primetime Engineering Emmy in 2012 for Colorfront On-Set Dailies. Colorfront has since become renowned for the innovation, excellence and performance of its camera-to-post products, which include On-Set Dailies, Express Dailies and Transkoder. The company has leveraged its technology to successfully offer Colorfront Cloud Services, and also owns and operates a state-of-the-art DI and post-production facility, of the same name, in Budapest.



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