Transkoder 2023: High-Performance Mastering System |

Colorfront's Transkoder 2023 is engineered to utilize cost-effective, commodity hardware to provide faster-than-real-time processing capabilities for transcoding, decoding, converting, wrapping, and processing files into various high-end formats. This iteration significantly enhances digital cinema and high-end UHD TV production, making it a paramount tool for DCP and IMF mastering. It boasts superior JPEG2000 encoding and decoding, 32-bit floating point processing on multiple GPUs, MXF wrapping, accelerated checksums, and robust encryption & decryption mechanisms. Additionally, it facilitates IMF/IMP and DCI/DCP package mastering, editing, and versioning with ease.

Additional features include Dolby Atmos® audio and Dolby Vision® HDR QC and encoding, per-frame metadata to OpenEXR, Nagra NexGuard forensic watermarking, advanced second head HDR analyzer, and the visual representation of MaxFALL / MaxCLL values, enhancing its utility and performance.

QC Player 2023: Precision Media Inspection and Validation |

Colorfront's QC Player 2023 stands as a potent and user-friendly player dedicated to media inspection, validation, and manual quality control. It adeptly handles complex high-end mezzanine mastering formats and the latest HDR standards. The latest features include real-time playback of intricate lossless 16-bit JPEG 2000 formats, DCP and IMF support, H.264 AVC, H.265 HEVC, and MXF wrapped ProRes decoding, alongside advanced color space transformations using Colorfront Engine technology and support for camera RAW formats, EXR, DPX, and TIFF sequences, ensuring a comprehensive and precise media inspection and validation.

Express Dailies 2023: Advanced Mobile Post-Production System |

The 2023 versions of Express Dailies offer enhanced support for cutting-edge digital camera formats including the innovative Sony Burano, seamlessly integrating with ACES 1.3 workflows to ensure paramount color accuracy and consistency. New tools for retiming HFR clips, improved rendering and QC, a redefined shots table for metadata inspection and editing, editable fields for burn-ins/render paths, and extended support for third-party OpenFX plug-ins have been introduced, enhancing its capabilities and user experience.

On-Set Dailies 2023: Comprehensive Digital Workflow Solution |

On-Set Dailies 2023 continues to be the premiere digital dailies tool for processing camera originals. Designed to deliver color-graded, sound sync dailies from multiple hours of footage for multiple deliverables, it’s favored by elite Hollywood production suppliers. The 2023 updates introduce streamlined workflow and hybrid performance alongside real-time compatibility with a broad spectrum of RAW formats and the latest digital cinematography cameras. Secure, low-latency SRT transport protocol for remote, color-critical workflows, dual Color Spaces for simultaneous HDR and SDR delivery within Colorfront Engine projects, and a secondary output LUT for achieving an HDR look in native projects, enhance its operational efficiency and flexibility.



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