NAB 2015, Las Vegas, April 13 2015 – Colorfront (, the Academy and Emmy Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, high-end episodic TV and commercials, is showcasing Colorfront Transkoder 2015, the latest release of its standalone, high-performance, file-conversion and mastering system for digital cinema and high-end UHDTV production. This latest version includes cutting-edge creative features for High Frame Rate (HFR) Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) production and post-production, along with workflow support for the latest digital cinema cameras, color and editorial formats.

Colorfront Transkoder Engine 2015 is based on Colorfront’s award winning on-set dailies architecture. It runs on cost-effective, commodity hardware and delivers faster-than-real-time processing to transcode, decode, convert, wrap and process files to the wide range of high-end and intermediate file formats used by studios and VFX facilities involved in the production and post of major motion picture and primetime episodic TV shows.

The processing power and delivery capabilities of Transkoder Engine 2015 are already employed by leading broadcasters such as BBC, NHK and MGO and VFX asset management systems such as Creative Cartel’s Joust for a wide range of 2K/4K /3D4K/8K/UHDTV and High Frame Rate (HFR) processing tasks. In DCP mastering and IMF authoring workflows, Transkoder 2015 can process at up to ten-times faster-than-realtime. For Interactive HFR Frame-Blending it can deBayer 4K ALEXA ARRIRAW footage, shot open shutter at 120FPS, on-the-fly.

“Colorfront Transkoder Engine has enabled us to develop Joust into an incredibly efficient, easy-to-use, self-drive management package for multiple VFX vendors, and directly address today’s need to speed turnaround times and reduce costs,” said Jenny Fulle, CEO of The Creative Cartel.

Key features of Colorfront Transkoder 2015 are: a brand new, easy-to-use interface; a multi-track timeline; EDL and Final Cut XML conform editing tools; support for subtitling; automatic watch folder processing, as well as aspect ratio, crop, resize, color space, frame rate conversion, watermark and PSNR tools.

Colorfront leads the field in supporting the latest UHDTV/digital cinema cameras and editorial formats to hit the market. These are now extended in Transkoder 2015 to include support for ALEXA 65 RAW, AJA Cion RAW, as well as Panasonic Varicam 35’s AVC-Intra 4K444, 4K422 and 4K-LT compressed RAW formats.

Codec support has been further extended to include AVC-Ultra and Apple licensed ProRes XQ in any resolution, DNxHR, DNxHD, XDCAM and DVCPRO, as well as JPEG2000, HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) H.265 and 10-bit H.264 video compression formats. Supported for MXF OP-Atom, OP-1a, QuickTime, plus AS-02 and AS-11 DPP broadcast deliverables standard, enables seamless integration of Transkoder into any file-based broadcast workflow.

Helping to streamline post production, Transkoder 2015 allows the writing of Avid DNxHD MXF media directly to Avid ISIS shared storage, which is then checked into the Avid Interplay database enabling Avid Media Composer users to locate clips in a familiar way. As production and post go beyond HD, Colorfront is also highlighting the rendering of 4K DNxHR 4K for AVID MediaComposer, enabling content creators to shoot, deliver, edit and finish in 4K.

Transkoder is the ultimate tool for DCP and IMF mastering. It also includes the industry’s highest performance 300fps JPEG2000 encoding/decoding, 32-bit floating point processing on multiple GPUs, MXF wrapping, accelerated checksums, AES encryption and decryption, IMF/IMP and DCI/DCP package authoring, editing, transwrapping and verification, full subtitle authoring and support for multi-language packages.

To support integration into production workflows, Transkoder has clearly defined web services, REST and SOAP APIs. These allow collaboration with all the key services and partners used in professional productions today, including Pomfort live grading, Codex and PIX workflow production tools, Aspera high-speed file transfer, as well as asset management systems from 5th Kind, DAX, Shotgun and Creative Cartel’s Joust.

Colorfront will present the new Transkoder 2015 during NAB 2015 c/o AJA (Booth #SL2505), Panasonic (Booth #C3607) and Alt Systems (Renaissance Hotel).

About Colorfront
Colorfront is one of Europe's leading Digital Intermediate and post production facilities, based in Budapest, Hungary. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who together played a pivotal role in the emergence of DI as the original authors of Lustre, Autodesk's best-selling DI grading system. Combining this in-depth expertise with the in-house development of additional proprietary technologies for dailies processing, conform and finishing, Colorfront delivers today's most advanced technologies for digital dailies, DI grading, VFX, digital assembly of entire feature films, online and offline editing, digital opticals for features and trailers, digital cinema mastering and deliverables. Colorfront's pioneering technology developments have earned the company Academy and Emmy Awards. For further information please visit



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