On-Set Dailies dominates digital camera productions and 4K RAW workflows

Budapest, Hungary, April 10, 2012 – Academy Award-winning developer Colorfront today released details of how its On-Set Dailies system has rapidly become the premiere choice for digital production dailies among major motion pictures and TV shows. The majority of features using Alexa ARRIRAW and F65RAW workflows, as well as high-profile HD episodic TV shows shooting to ProRes, have all selected Colorfront On-Set Dailies.

Since its North-American debut at NAB 2011, Colorfront On-Set Dailies has been used on the majority of features shooting Alexa ARRIRAW to Codex recorders, including the latest James Bond 007 movie Skyfall (MGM/Eon Productions/United Artists), The Avengers (Marvel/Walt Disney), This Is 40 (Universal), R.I.P.D. (Universal), Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close(Warner Bros.), World War Z (Paramount Pictures), The Campaign (Warner Bros.), Gangster Squad (Warner Bros.), Gambit (CBS/Momentum), Of Men And Mavericks (Walden Media/Fox 2000 Pictures), Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection (Lionsgate) and The Last Stand (Lionsgate).

Leading TV shows selecting Colorfront On-Set Dailies include, CSI:Miami (CBS), Desperate Housewives (ABC), House (Fox), The Lying Game (ABC), Man Up (ABC), NCIS: LA (CBS), Private Practice (ABC), Scandal (ABC), Sons Of Anarchy (FX), Undercover Boss (CBS), Vampire Diaries (CW), Walking Dead (AMC), Pretty Little Liars (ABC) and Modern Family (ABC).

Furthermore, attendees at the 2012 HPA Technology Retreat, Palm Springs, voted Colorfront On-Set Dailies one of the "Top Demos" on the basis of the system’s innovation, impact on the industry and engineering excellence.

"Colorfront On-Set Dailies is the great equalizer of snowflake workflows," said Erik Hansen, Dailies Lab Manager, Modern VideoFilm’s DATALABS. "Whatever comes our way, I know we can throw it at On-Set Dailies, and it will be handled with ease. Film, digital, HD, 2K, 3K, 4K or 5K, it really doesn't matter. On-Set Dailies is perhaps a misnomer – it enhances the entire post workflow."

Colorfront On-Set Dailies delivers an all-embracing approach to digital dailies workflow, by integrating production-proven tools for dailies work – including playback and sync, QC, color grading, audio and metadata management – with state-of-the-art color and image science, and the delivery of simultaneous faster-than-realtime deliverables in all common file formats.

The current software release enables cinematographers to go beyond traditional HD monitoring and review, enabling them to work with 3K, 4K and 5K RAW material in post-ready 4K quality to realize their creative vision – either on-set, near-set, or at their favorite facility. It also provides final, post-quality dailies instantly to the production.

Along with industry-leading de-Bayer quality, On-Set Dailies delivers wide support for the latest digital cinematography cameras shooting at 48/60fps, including Canon C500 RAW, Sony’s F65RAW, SRFile (SStP) and XDCAM EX, RED Epic R3D, Alexa Studio 4K Anamorphic, Canon C300, Panasonic P2 and GoPro.

Colorfront On-Set Dailies provides a simple, reliable workflow for ARRIRAW, and this has led us to support world-leading cinematographers such as Roger Deakins BSC ASC (Skyfall) and Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC (The Avengers), as well as many leading TV shows," said Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colorfront. "We’ve achieved this success by maintaining a technology leadership position, being the first to market with many new features such as realtime ARRIRAW and Sony F65RAW, faster than realtime encoding of multiple deliverables, realtime ACES workflow and realtime 4K dailies. But the industry never stands still, and we will release details of further innovations at NAB 2012."

Colorfront at NAB 2012

Colorfront's On-Set Dailies will be presented by several key industry partners at NAB 2012, 14 – 19 April, Las Vegas, NV:

Colofront On-Set Dailies was developed by the same team which won the 2010 Scientific and Engineering Award® from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®, for the development Autodesk’s Lustre® grading system.

About Colorfront: Colorfront, based in Budapest, Hungary, is one of Europe's leading DI and post production facilities. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who together played a pivotal role in the emergence of non-linear DI. The company's R&D team earned an Academy Award for the development of Lustre, Autodesk's DI grading system. Combining this in-depth expertise with a pedigree in the development of additional cutting-edge software for color enhancement, Colorfront offers today’s most advanced technologies for scanning and recording, DI grading, conforming, digital dailies, VFX, online and offline editing, cinema sound mixing, mastering and deliverables. For further information please visit



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