Latest release adds 4K, high frame rate support, and Live! color-grading to enable ultra-high-resolution workflows and enhance on-set look design

Las Vegas, 8 April 2013 – Academy and Emmy Award winning developer Colorfront ( presents On-Set Dailies 2013, the latest version of its pioneering high-resolution on-set digital processing system for the most demanding feature film and TV productions. This new 64-bit release adds significant new functionality that aids producers, Directors of Photography (DPs), Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs), colorists, and post-production managers as they build media and metadata workflows for the highest resolution and frame-rate productions, and design looks for the world’s top productions.

On-Set Dailies is the most widely adopted digital processing system, and is used by elite Hollywood production suppliers such as Technicolor, Deluxe, EFilm, and Company 3, on the most demanding productions such as the recent Zero Dark Thirty (Columbia Pictures), and World War Z (Paramount Pictures) or the upcoming Iron Man 3 (Marvel/Walt Disney) and The Wolverine (20th Century Fox). It integrates production-proven tools for dailies work – including playback and sync, QC, color grading, audio and metadata management – with state-of-the-art color and image science, and the delivery of simultaneous faster-than-real-time deliverables in all common file formats. Advanced features such as real-time 4k de-Bayering, ACES workflow support, and UHDTV and 4k support make On-Set Dailies the tool of choice for high-end productions.

On-Set Dailies 2013 offers Live! which provides real-time de-Bayering and grading of live camera signals in up to 4K resolution. DPs and on-set colorists can now interactively design looks prior to shooting, fostering greater creative freedom. This ability to preview and grade on a live 4K RAW signal makes color work a creative and pre-production design process instead of a corrective post-production task.

"The ability to color grade a live signal, knowing that all decisions made with the DP will transfer flawlessly into On-Set Dailies and throughout post will change how we do DIs. We will spend our time concentrating on the DP and directors vision and less time trying to recreate the idea or fix a color pipeline afterwards. We look forward to helping our clients see a better vision of their story through dailies and post," said Erik Hansen of Modern Video Film in Burbank.

On-Set Dailies 2013 supports the AJA Corvid Ultra, to provide a complete 4k/2k monitoring and I/O solution with UHDTV support of 3840x2160 at 60FPS. Customers will be able to output 4k/UHDTV material in full-resolution via Quad HD-SDI to a 4k monitor, allowing them to grade on the live 4k signals produced by higher resolution cameras such as the Canon C500 and Sony F65. On-Set Dailies 2013 further augments 4K workflows with support for 4K encoding to popular editing codecs.

The new integrated Copy Central™ capability in On-Set Dailies 2013 eases dailies and deliverables production further still by offering integrated simultaneous checksum copying to multiple destinations, including archiving to LTO, and produces easily legible PDF manifest reports.

Users of On-Set Dailies 2013 are able to easily manage media and metadata with the new Bin functions, which includes creation of bins and timelines, easy sort and search based on all metadata, and file export for easy project management.

Colorfront is also showing new technology in development for On-Set Dailies, including new H265 / HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec) support, and support for AMWA Application Specifications (AS-02, AS-03, AS-11, AS-12, etc.). H265 promises better quality images at lower data rates, and is expected to replace H264 in most encoding workflows. With implementation of these latest technologies, Colorfront enables customers to remain at the forefront with advanced production workflows.

We are thrilled to bring these new possibilities to a market that is rapidly adopting digital workflows and already embracing 4k production. Our continued focus on the highest possible performance, including real-time 4k de-Bayering and high-frame-rate support, is key to our customers’ continued success. When storytellers are given the tools they need to push the medium forward, audiences will benefit with even more compelling cinematic experiences" said Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colorfront.

The latest Colorfront solutions will be showcased by several key industry partners at NAB 2013, April 8–11, in Las Vegas:

  • ALT Systems | Renaissance Hotel
  • Abelcine | Booth #C6013
  • AJA | Booth #SL3816
  • BandPro | Booth #C10408
  • Canon | Booths #C3628, #C4325
  • Codex Digital | Booth #C6048
  • TVLogic | Booth #SL1605

Colorfront will also present at the HPA Post Pit, and Colorfront’s US distributor ALT Systems will host a by-appointment-only Colorfront technology demo suite at the Renaissance Hotel, adjacent to the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

About Colorfront
Colorfront, based in Budapest, Hungary, is one of Europe's leading DI and post production facilities. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who together played a pivotal role in the emergence of non-linear DI. The company's R&D team earned an Academy Award for the development of Lustre, Autodesk's DI grading system. Combining this in-depth expertise with a pedigree in the development of additional cutting-edge software, Colorfront offers today’s most advanced technologies for scanning and recording, DI grading, conforming, digital dailies, VFX, online and offline editing, cinema sound mixing, mastering and deliverables. For further information please visit



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