IBC 2019, Amsterdam, September 12th – Colorfront (, the Academy, Emmy, HPA and Cine Gear Expo Award-winning developer of high-performance dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, broadcast, OTT and commercials, is debuting accelerated 8K capabilities and more expansive HDR toolsets across its product lines during IBC 2019, Amsterdam. The company has also further extended its technology collaborations with AJA and entered into fresh partnerships with other key technology vendors dedicated to delivering streamlined color and HDR workflows from camera-to-screen.

Colorfront showcases faster 8K HDR performance:
Colorfront is showing Transkoder 2019, with a brand new HDR GUI, performing real-time decompression/de-Bayer/playback of 8K R3D material, from RED and Panavision DXL2 cameras, with the results displayed on a Samsung 82-inch Q900R QLED 8K Smart TV in HDR and in full 8K resolution (7680 X 4320). The accelerated de-Bayering process is optimized through the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards with Turing 2080Ti GPU architecture (also available on Colorfront On-Set Dailies 2019), with 8K video output up to 60p using AJA Kona5 video cards.

Colorfront expands HDR toolsets in 2019 Transkoder and Dailies products:
With a track record of successful global sales to Hollywood studios, OTTs, broadcasters and post production houses, Colorfront Transkoder is renowned as the market-leading post workflow tool for handling the diversity of UHD, HDR, camera, color and editorial/deliverables formats at all stages of camera-to-screen workflow.

Now shipping, Transkoder 2019 is powered by a re-engineered version of Colorfront Engine™, the company’s state-of-the-art perceptual color-processing pipeline, and features an improved HDR GUI and expanded 8KHDR features. Transkoder 2019 supports the latest camera/editorial formats, including: Apple ProRes RAW, ARRI MXF-wrapped ProRes, ARRI Alexa LF/Alexa Mini LF Sony Venice 4.0, Blackmagic RAW 1.4 SDK and Codex HDE (High Density Encoding).

Transkoder 2019’s comprehensive mastering toolset has been certified and extended to encompass support for Dolby Vision 4.0 HDR workflows with parametric Mastering/Mezzanine QC and packaging tools, the SDI/HDMI tunneling of Dolby Vision metadata, integrated GPU-based light-level remapping iCMU and external Dolby eCMU control, as well as Dolby Atmos® Immersive Audio Bitstream capabilities, including down-mixing to Dolby 5.1 for QC checking. Transkoder 2019’s new Subtitle Engine 2.0 supports both CineCanvas and IMSC 1.1 rendering, ensuring the preservation of content, timing, layout and styling. Transkoder also delivers a new render strategy for IMF packages to enable independent audio and video rendering, plus the packaging of multiple subtitle language tracks into the timeline of an IMP.

Zak Tucker, president, Harbor Picture Company, which has expanded from its New York base with new post production facilities in Los Angels and London, said. "Colorfront has become a significant ally to our company. Its Transkoder and On-Set Dailies products form an integral part of our post-production pipeline, making Colorfront a partner we rely on for our day-to-day operations and future developments. We grew a very healthy relationship with their employees and management through our use of their dailies toolset, their cutting-edge color science, and their mastering tools. Their support of our endeavors has been outstanding. In short, our work and the integrity of our output would not be what it is without Colorfront."

Colorfront On-Set Dailies, Express Dailies and QC Player 2019:
At IBC 2019, Colorfront is showing major 8K/4K HDR/SDR dailies and monitoring enhancements to the 2019 versions of its On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies, which have dominated in motion picture and high-end episodic TV production for over a decade. Both now support realtime 8K HDR workflow and feature the same camera/editorial format support as Transkoder 2019, along with dead pixel detection. Colorfront QC Player also supports realtime 8K playback, dead pixel detection, as well as Dolby Vision 4.0 and the SDI/HDMI tunneling of Dolby Vision metadata

Colorfront supports new AJA FS-HDR v3.0 and AJA HDR Image Analyzer v2.1:
Colorfront licensed its Colorfront Engine software to AJA in 2017 for AJA FS-HDR, followed by its HDR Image Analyzer software for AJA HDR Image Analyzer in 2018.

Continuing the successful technology partnership with Colorfront, AJA has announced major upgrades to both AJA FS-HDR v3 and the new AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G, which includes 12G-SDI support. AJA FS-HDR also has the latest features of Colorfront Engine: SDR-to-HDR/HDR-to-SDR conversions; processing of camera original and ACES files; a Look Module, incorporating shading tools for user-configurable looks; and support for current/future monitoring and projection technologies.

Colorfront Engine SDK, Technology Collaborations & implementations:
Colorfront Engine SDK has been licensed by Telestream for its Vantage® media-processing platform that manages media services from the camera to distribution. Visitors to IBC 2019 can see Colorfront Express Dailies working with AJA FS-HDR and Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, revealing how CDL live grading within Colorfront Engine delivers accurate SDR/HDR previews at any nit level as the start of a color-managed workflow from on-set to post.

During IBC 2019, Colorfront systems will be shown at AJA Video Systems’ stand 7.C25, as well as in scheduled demonstrations at The Okura Hotel, Amsterdam.

About Colorfront: Colorfront is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with offices in Los Angeles, and sales partners worldwide. The company’s popular, award-winning on-set dailies and transcoding systems are utilized to process and deliver media for Hollywood blockbusters, high-end episodic TV and OTT internet entertainment. Combining in-depth expertise in image color science with a pedigree in cutting-edge software development, the company's R&D team earned an Academy Award, a Primetime Engineering Emmy award and HPA Engineering Excellence Award. Colorfront has become renowned for the innovation, excellence and performance of its camera-to-post products, which include On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies, Transkoder and QC Player and in collaboration with AJA the FS-HDR and HDR Image Analyzer.



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