IBC 2018, Amsterdam, Sept 14th 2018 – Colorfront (, the Academy, Emmy and HPA Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, broadcast, OTT and commercials, has further expanded the capabilities of its products to support the latest large format cameras, and launched brand new tools which extend their UHD/HDR color workflow capabilities. Colorfront has also deepened its technology collaborations with key industry partners – including AJA Video Systems, Netflix and HDR10+ Technologies – broadening the impact of its products from set through post production and to the home viewing experience.

Large Format camera format support:
Colorfront On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies continue their dominance in motion picture, high-end episodic TV and OTT production, due to their capabilities for fast dailies turnaround.

New at IBC 2018, Colorfront On-Set Dailies, Express Dailies, plus QC Player and Transkoder, all feature RAW file processing support for the latest crop of Large Format, full-frame cameras – Sony Venice, ARRI Alexa LF, Panavision DXL2, RED Gemini 5K and Monstro 8K. Colorfront products now additionally support Codex High-Density Encoding and Panasonic’s AU-EVA1 camera.

During IBC 2018, Colorfront will showcase how its systems maximize GPU processing on the latest Retina MacBook Pro workstations, to display RAW content from an array of Large Format cameras. Recent productions, originated using Large Format cameras and using Colorfront Dailies systems include, Robin Hood (Lionsgate), Deadpool 2 (20th Century Fox), Maniac (Netflix), The First (Hulu), The Happytime Murders (STX/Henson), Sorry For Your Loss (Facebook).

Colorfront Engine™ gets tuned-up:
Colorfront has made significant improvements to Colorfront Engine, the state-of-the art, managed color pipeline, which ensures the color integrity of digital materials from camera-to-post. Chief amongst these are refinements to its parametric perceptual remapping functions, allowing users to self-adjust the light level output, plus better wide-colour gamut processing. Colorfront Engine is now available as an SDK library for licensing into third-party applications.

Colorfront & HDR cinema display:
Colorfront has made significant inroads in support of the latest HDR cinema display systems. Transkoder 2018 is already certified by Dolby Laboratories for the creation of Dolby Atmos Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), and Dolby Vision Mastering/Mezzanine packaging. Transkoder 2018 adds supports Dolby Cinema and Éclair Color and can optimize HDR content for the new generation of Samsung’s Onyx emissive LED cinema displays.

Colorfront Transkoder certified by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC:
Colorfront Transkoder has been certified by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, the company founded by 20th Century Fox, Panasonic and Samsung, which licenses of HDR10+ specifications to source providers and display manufacturers. Transkoder ensures the faithful application of Dynamic Tone Mapping, with dynamic metadata, and enables OTT content streaming services, such as Amazon Video, to deliver content to HDR10+-capable TV sets, enabling audiences to watch the most accurate HDR representation of the creator’s vision.

Colorfront becomes Netflix Post Technology Alliance Partner
As Netflix has increased feature and series production, with simultaneous global launches, so too has come the need for a more efficient production and post ecosystem. Colorfront is now a Netflix Post Technology Alliance Partner, with Colorfront Transkoder certified for mastering the broad range of UHD HDR, IMF and Dolby Vision deliverables for Netflix content.

Colorfront & AJA enjoy second successful collaboration:
Colorfront has licensed its HDR Image Analyzer software to AJA Video Systems for AJA’s HDR Image Analyzer, now shipping at IBC 2018. The new solution comprises waveform, histogram, vectorscope and Nit-level HDR monitoring, and simplifies analysis of 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD, HDR and WCG content in production, post, QC and mastering processes. AJA’s HDR Image Analyzer is being sold worldwide via AJA’s marketing channels. This is the second collaboration between the two companies, following the integration of Colorfront Engine into AJA’s FS-HDR in 2017.

“Production professionals are embracing 4K HDR and WCG at a breakneck pace to bring audiences more compelling viewing experiences, making quality control a central focus. We’re excited to bring them HDR Image Analyzer, which will improve quality control with a cost-efficient and proven Colorfront toolset for monitoring and analyzing HDR productions, all in real time.” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems.

Where to see Colorfront at IBC 2018:
Colorfront products can been seen at AJA Video Systems (#7.C25) and at private invitation-only demos at the Okura hotel.

About Colorfront: Colorfront is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with offices in Los Angeles, plus sales partners worldwide. The company's popular, award-winning on-set dailies and transcoding systems are utilized by small, medium and large companies alike, to process and deliver media for Hollywood blockbusters, high-end episodic TV and OTT internet entertainment. The firm was founded in 2000 by Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who were instrumental in the advent of non-linear DI color grading. Combining in-depth expertise in image color science with a pedigree in cutting-edge software development, the company's R&D team earned an Academy Award in 2010 for Lustre, Autodesk's DI grading system, and a Primetime Engineering Emmy in 2012 for Colorfront On-Set Dailies. Colorfront has since become renowned for the innovation, excellence and performance of its camera-to-post products, which include On-Set Dailies, Express Dailies and Transkoder. The company has leveraged its technology to successfully offer Colorfront Cloud Services, and also owns and operates a state-of-the-art DI and post-production facility, of the same name, in Budapest.



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