Colorfront reports rapid, on-going developments in new distributed post-production model for motion pictures and broadcast TV

Budapest, Hungary, February 19th, 2014 – Colorfront (, the Academy and Emmy Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, high-end episodic television and commercials, is showcasing the latest advances of its ground-breaking Colorfront Cloud Services at HPA’s Tech Retreat, Palm Springs, and at NAB 2014, Las Vegas.

Announced in October last year, Colorfront Cloud Services enable powerful and streamlined distributed post-production, and have been developed by Colorfront in collaboration with leading Hollywood studios and post-production facilities. Colorfront is now also working with leading broadcasters and content producers in the UK, Europe, Japan, Brazil and the US, as they adopt large-sensor cameras for Ultra HD production.

Colorfront Cloud Services combine core elements of Colorfront’s industry-leading Transkoder engine technology, which is optimized for use on flexible, high-performance, cloud-based computing options.

Landmark innovations include Colorfront’s demonstration of faster than realtime remote upload and processing of ProRes 4444 ARRI Alexa television footage, during Colorfront’s Supersession User-Group in Los Angeles last November. In December, the company successfully demonstrated realtime, digital cinema quality, 4K JPEG2000 playback directly from Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) public cloud storage to a 4K DCI cinema projector, at the CineGrid Convention in San Diego.

Most recently, Colorfront Cloud Services successfully rendered several hours of original 4K RAW camera footage to a range of broadcast deliverable formats, via Amazon Web Services’ GPU-enabled servers running Transkoder engine.

Colorfront will reprise all of these advances, plus new cloud-based EDL conforming and automatic visual effects pull capabilities, during HPA’s Tech Retreat, 17-21 February and NAB 2014, 7-10 April. A further highlight at HPA is the participation of Colorfront CTO Bill Feightner in a panel discussion entitled “Virtual/Distributed Post” on February 20.

“Colorfront Cloud Services is advancing rapidly, and the results are astonishing,” said Bill Feightner CTO of Colorfront. “We have uploaded 4K material to secure cloud servers in Ireland and achieved realtime playback in Budapest. The same speeds and capabilities are also available across the US, enabling fast access to production media securely from multiple locations. This great news for motion picture producers, and leading broadcasters are also now evaluating how Colorfront Cloud Services can be optimized for broadcast deliverables from the latest large sensor digital cinematography cameras manufactured by ARRI, Sony, RED and Canon.”

Colorfront Cloud Services can be implemented in several flexible ways. Users have the choice of basing their service around Colorfront’s own secure cloud service in Los Angeles, a preferred private data center or facility house, or a range of public, cloud-based servers, such as Amazon Web Services.

Encryption provides security of all production media. Users can securely upload original camera footage, and associated metadata, to a choice of cloud servers, and perform and automate a range of key tasks. Initial services offered include dailies transcoding, deliverables rendering, EDL auto-conforming and VFX pulls.

Colorfront has already achieved considerable success in motion picture and high-end episodic TV, with its Primetime Emmy Award-winning On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies systems, which share many Transkoder’s key technologies. The 2014 Oscar-nominated movies Nebraska, Captain Phillips, Gravity, Prisoners, Rush and The Wolf of Wall Street, along with hit TV series Dracula, True Blood, Strike Back and Mad Men have all utilized Colorfront systems.

Colorfront will debut these advances
at the 2014 HPA Technology Retreat
17 – 21 February, in Palm Springs, CA.

About Colorfront: Colorfront, based in Budapest, Hungary, is one of Europe's leading DI and post production facilities. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who together played a pivotal role in the emergence of non-linear DI. The company's R&D team earned an Academy Award for the development of Lustre, Autodesk's DI grading system, and a Primetime Engineering Emmy for the Colofront On-Set Dailies. Combining this in-depth expertise with a pedigree in the development of additional cutting-edge software, Colorfront offers today’s most advanced technologies for scanning and recording, DI grading, conforming, digital dailies, VFX, online and offline editing, cinema sound mixing, mastering and deliverables. For further information please visit

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