Leading studios, VFX and post facilities invest in Transkoder mastering systems

NAB 2015, Las Vegas, April 13 2015 – Colorfront (, the Academy and Emmy Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, high-end episodic TV and commercials, today announced new purchases of Colorfront Transkoder by leading studios, VFX and post facilities worldwide involved in digital cinema and high-end TV production.

Attracted by Transkoder’s combination of high-quality digital file conversion toolset, affordable platform-choice and extreme performance, North America’s Paramount Pictures, Picture Head and MGO, New Zealand’s Weta Digital, NTV Technical Resources Inc. (NiTRo) in Tokyo and Le Labo Parisien in France, have joined the Hollywood elite of HBO, FOX Studios, Deluxe, Technicolor and Fotokem, Park Road Post in Wellington and the UK’s BBC, in making license purchases.

Colorfront Transkoder is built on the leading image-science technology and management tools that feature in Colorfront’s renowned On-Set Dailies and Express Dailies systems, which are already widely used on major Hollywood features and primetime episodic TV shows.

It uses cost-effective, commodity hardware, bypassing the need for expensive fork-lift upgrades with proprietary systems, and delivers faster-than-real-time processing to transcode, decode, convert, wrap and process files to the wide variety of high-end delivery and mezzanine file formats used in digital cinema and high-end UHDTV production, including ground-breaking real-time 8K and 3D4K capabilities. In DCP and IMF mastering workflows, Transkoder able to process at up to ten times faster than realtime.

Colorfront Transkoder is optimized to work on a variety of platforms, exploiting the performance of the latest CPUs, and multiple-GPUs for parallel computing. These include the latest Supermicro HP Z840 and MacPro workstations, as well as Amazon AWS cloud-based server in the public cloud.

Keeping pace with the latest advances in digital production and post, Transkoder supports the latest digital cinematography camera formats, features a growing list of codecs, and is continually updated with leading-edge capabilities such Interactive HFR Frame-Blending. It also supports calibrated HD-SDI and HDMI video output for a wide range of displays.

The extreme performance capabilities of Transkoder were recently harnessed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories in Japan, using Colorfront Transkoder on 4K/60p broadcast programming, originated with Sony F55 and RED cameras, and also at 8K/60p on NHK’s Super Hi-Vision/ UHDTV project, with processing and real-time playback of 8K/60p footage from various RAW formats.

“Transkoder meets the need for a reliable, high-performance digital file- conversion workhorse, that is easy-to-integrate into a broad range of workflows,” said Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colorfront. “It keeps pace with the latest advances in CPU/GPU performance, supports the latest high-end camera and deliverable formats, and is regularly enhanced with new capabilities and improvements to the user-experience. Above all, Transkoder makes a particularly attractive option as there is no obsolescence-prone proprietary hardware, making it a future-proof and highly cost-effective alternative to other systems.”

Colorfront will present the new Transkoder 2015 during NAB 2015 c/o AJA (Booth #SL2505), Panasonic (Booth #C3607) and Alt Systems (Renaissance Hotel).

About Colorfront
Colorfront is one of Europe's leading Digital Intermediate and post production facilities, based in Budapest, Hungary. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who together played a pivotal role in the emergence of DI as the original authors of Lustre, Autodesk's best-selling DI grading system. Combining this in-depth expertise with the in-house development of additional proprietary technologies for dailies processing, conform and finishing, Colorfront delivers today's most advanced technologies for digital dailies, DI grading, VFX, digital assembly of entire feature films, online and offline editing, digital opticals for features and trailers, digital cinema mastering and deliverables. Colorfront's pioneering technology developments have earned the company Academy and Emmy Awards. For further information please visit



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