NAB 2015

Colorfront will present the latest 2015 versions of Express Dailies, On-Set Dailies and Transkoder at the National Association of Broadcasters 2015 Convention in Las Vegas between April 13-16, 2015.

Booth #SL2505
Booth #C3607
Renaissance Hotel Presidential Suite.
Private demos only, please contact ALT Systems for a demo slot.

We will also be at the Technology Summit on Cinema on April 11-12, 2015.

Press Release

Feb 10, 2015 – Colorfront Showcases Cutting-Edge Creative UHDTV Capabilities At HPA 2015 | 69 KB
Highlights include new Interactive HFR Frame-Blending, extended camera and ACES color pipeline support

Colorfront Transkoder Engine: the secret sauce inside Joust VFX management package | 91 KB

2015 Software

Academy Award and Emmy Award winning software developer Colorfront provides pioneering high-resolution on-set digital processing systems for the most demanding feature film and TV productions.

Colorfront Transkoder 2014 is available on Mac, PC and the cloud for many key tasks: editing RAW film data, converting material to various output formats, plus conforming, color grading and rendering 2K / 4K / 3D4K / 8K / UHDTV materials in various high-end delivery and mezzanine formats.

Colorfront Transkoder is the ultimate tool for DCP and IMF mastering, including: the industy’s highest performance JPEG2000 encoding and decoding, 32-bit floating point processing on multiple GPUs, mxf wrapping, accelerated checksums and AES encryption and decryption, IMF/IMP and DCI/DCP package authoring, editing, transwrapping and verification, along with full subtitle authoring and international language support.

Deluxe Digital Cinema (DDC) has a global reputation for incomparable service, the strongest production values and a continual commitment to technical investment and innovation. These are central to our business philosophy, allowing us to excel in an industry that rarely demands anything less than perfection. That is why we are working with Colorfront for 2D/3D stereo subtitling and mastering, with outstanding support for HFR, 4K and stereo. Deluxe Digital Cinema relies on Colorfront's flexible development, powerful APIs, and quick engineering response. Colorfront provides an extremely high performance solution that we can depend on in our production environment.
Deluxe's Director of Digital Cinema, Andy Scade

Transkoder Highlights

8K Performance – industry-first, real-time 60FPS 8K (4320p) & S3D 4K (2160p) system
DCP and IMF – the industy’s highest performance JPEG2000 encoding and decoding on multiple GPUs,
MXF wrapping, accelerated checksums, AES encryption and decryption, transwrapping and verification, along with full subtitle authoring and international language support
new Deliverables – DCP, IMF App 2 Extended, AS-02, AS-11 DPP, HEVC, 10-bit H264, upto 4K ProRes and DNxHD
RAW Support – ARRI, RED, Canon, Sony, CinemaDNG, AJA, Panasonic Varicam, and ProRes XQ, XAVC, AVC-Intra
Colorfront Engine – state-of-the art, automatically managed wide gamut high dynamic range color pipeline
new Platforms – Mac Pro, HP Z820 workstation, SuperMicro Quad-GPU workstation and the Cloud
Cloud Services – Transkoder works with S3 cloud storage and runs on GPU enabled nodes on Amazon Web Services

Transkoder in the Cloud

Transkoder works with S3 cloud storage and runs on GPU enabled nodes on Amazon Web Services.

  • Available on-demand by the hour
  • Amazon EC2 GPU Instances - g2.2xlarge node
  • Available world-wide - US West (Northern California), US East, Ireland and Tokyo.
  • Eight vCPUs provide local workstation-like performance for encoding
  • High-performance NVIDIA GPU with 1,536 CUDA cores and 4GB of video memory
  • Works with cloud storage - encode media to and from Amazon S3
  • AWS infrastructure is compliant with all applicable MPAA infrastructure controls

Recent Film Credits

Iron Man 3
Hunger Games: Mockingjay
Hercules: The Thracian Wars
Jupiter Ascending
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