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Academy Award and Emmy Award winning software developer Colorfront provides pioneering high-resolution on-set digital processing systems for the most demanding feature film and TV productions.

Roundabout provides many delivery services, including being an official Amazon QC house, and we simply must have the best, most efficient tools to fulfil the wide variety of our client needs. In every respect, Colorfront Transkoder does what we need, and we always feel it keeps us at the cutting-edge of the industry thanks to Colofront’s non-stop R&D.
Michael Smollin, DI colorist at Roundabout in Burbank, California

Colorfront Appoints NMF To Drive Business Development In Latin America & Beyond…

Colorfront has appointed Nacho Mazzini Family (NMF) as the exclusive distributor and reseller channels driver for Colorfront products across Latin America, along with selected territories in Asia Pacific (APAC), plus Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA).

NMF is led by Nacho Mazzini, who has over 20 years of experience in hardware and software sales, as well as specialist knowledge of digital camera-to-post workflows, VFX and Digital Intermediate color grading, plus the organization of educational workshops/training programs.

Mazzini is well known amongst the production and post-production communities around Latin America, APAC and EMEA. During the 1990s he held leading sales roles at Softimage and Intergraph Computer Systems, followed by a two-year stint at 5D Solutions. He co-founded Assimilate Inc. in 2004, and was the company’s VP of worldwide sales for 12 years, before establishing NMF in February 2016.
Colorfront Appoints NMF To Drive Business Development In Latin America & Beyond… | 66 KB


Colorfront Updates Transkoder For IBC 2016 | 80 KB
Versatile tools and extreme performance put Transkoder even further ahead as the ultimate HDR mastering solution

Transkoder 2016 Brochure (new) | 321 KB
On-Set Dailies 2016 Brochure (new) | 415 KB

Transkoder Customers

Top facilities from around the world are already using Colorfront Transkoder:

Transkoder Highlights

DCP and IMF – Industry-leading IMF, DCP, AS-11 DPP mastering, authoring, validation, and QC tool
Performance – 4K DCP/UHD IMF and HEVC encoding at 100+ FPS
RAW support – Highest quality RAW deBayering from any camera from ALEXA65 to Varicam 35 VRAW
Colorfront Engine – 32-bits per channel managed look pipeline built on ACES 1.0
Watermarking – NexGuard forensic watermarking from Civolution even in 4K and HDR
HDR – Dolby Vision support and industry leading HDR mastering tools
Dolby Atmos – Transkoder is certified to create DCPs with Dolby Atmos audio
2x UltraHD 4K – dual real-time 4K video outputs for concurrent HDR / SDR mastering
PC, Mac & Cloud – Running on off-the-shelf workstation, no obsolescence-prone, proprietary hardware

Recent TV Credits

The Originals
True Blood
Walking Dead
The Reign
Marco Polo
Silicon Valley
Game of Thrones
Vampire Diaries

Colorfront Engine White Paper

A state-of-the art, automatically managed, ACES-compliant color pipeline which brings plug and play simplicity to today’s complex production requirements, Colorfront Engine enables unlimited creative look creation and ensures image integrity from on-set to the finished product.

Download the Colorfront Engine White Paper and also in Korean.


Spring Fairy | Transkoder
Freak Fusion Cabaret | Transkoder
Drummer | Transkoder



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