Colorfront showcases unmatched performance with realtime 4K60P playback at IBC 2012

IBC 2012, Amsterdam, Sept 7, 2012 – Academy Award-winning developer Colorfront ( is showcasing the latest, ground-breaking, high frame-rate (HFR) 4K capabilities of On-Set Dailies 2012, the latest version of its Award-winning on-set dailies system for motion picture and TV production, during IBC 2012, Amsterdam, 7-11 Sept.

Through its deployment on major motion pictures (The Avengers, R.I.P.D., Gravity, World War Z, Skyfall) and TV productions (True Blood, Dexter, House, CSI:Miami) ) around the world, On-Set Dailies has achieved a market-leading position. With the upcoming release of On-Set Dailies, Colorfront continues set new benchmarks in performance, delivering 4K output at 60P via AJA’s new Corvid Ultra box, a feature that extends On-Set Dailies’ reputation as the dominant dailies product with the most advanced feature set.

Colorfront On-Set Dailies delivers an all-embracing approach to digital dailies workflow. It integrates production-proven tools for dailies work – including playback and sync, QC, color grading, audio and metadata management, plus checksum-verified copying and LTO-5 archival – with state-of-the-art color and image science, and the delivery of simultaneous faster-than-realtime deliverables in all common file formats.

On-Set Dailies runs on HP’s Z820 16-core workstation, with CUDA processing running on multiple GPUs using the latest NVidia ‘Kepler’ technology, which raises the performance of on-set imaging to unprecedented levels. This includes: extreme rendering performance at over 100FPS; parallel background rendering; faster-than-realtime JPEG2000 encoding for DCP and IMF deliverables; realtime RED R3D playback in HD/2K, with CPU decoding, without the need for RED Rocket cards; 60+FPS ARRIRAW 4K de-Bayer, 4K F65RAW and 4K Canon C500 processing.

Amongst the IBC 2012 highlights are Colorfront’s trailblazing demonstrations of realtime 4K at 60P playback of Sony F65RAW, Canon C500 RAW and Alexa ARRIRAW camera footage from On-Set Dailies, via HD-SDI with AJA’s Corvid Ultra video technology, at AJA’s booth (Hall 7.F11).

"Interest in HFR is growing amongst broadcasters and cinematographers," said Aron Jaszberenyi, managing director of Colorfront. "On-Set Dailies breaks new ground by delivering 4K output at 60FPS from all of the major RAW formats, with de-mosaicing and processing on-the-fly. Now filmmakers can move beyond traditional HD monitoring and review, and work with 3K, 4K and 5K RAW material in post-ready 4K quality. Anyone looking for HFR and/or 4K, should be looking at Colorfront On-set Dailies."

The new release of On-Set Dailies comes with On-Set Live!, a grading capability which uses the live HD-SDI feed to enable ACS-CDL or ARRI Look-compliant color corrections on a broadcast monitor. It also features support for Blackmagic Cinema Camera DNG files, Avid DNxHD 444 support and Sony SRFile (SStP) playback and encoding.

Colorfront is a champion of the IIF/ACES workflow, developed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Science and Technology Council to establish a standard format to maintain color accuracy for digital production and post. Accordingly, On-Set Dailies features the industry’s first end-to-end real-time 4K ACES workflow, with IDT, RRT and ODT functions. It also delivers support for On-Set Color 2K resolution full-latitude (ACES) grading tool on the iPad.

About Colorfront
Colorfront, based in Budapest, Hungary, is one of Europe's leading DI and post production facilities. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who together played a pivotal role in the emergence of non-linear DI. The company's R&D team earned an Academy Award for the development of Lustre, Autodesk's DI grading system. Combining this in-depth expertise with a pedigree in the development of additional cutting-edge software, Colorfront offers today’s most advanced technologies for scanning and recording, DI grading, conforming, digital dailies, VFX, online and offline editing, cinema sound mixing, mastering and deliverables. For further information please visit or



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