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What is On-Set Dailies?

On-Set Dailies is a dedicated dailies system, designed to deliver color graded sound sync dailies from multiple hours of footage for multiple deliverables.

Who Uses On-Set Dailies?

On-Set Dailies, Colorfront’s sophisticated and innovative digital dailies system for filmmakers was first announced in the US at NAB 2011. Since NAB, Colorfront On-Set Dailies has already been adopted by major studios, labs, and post facilities in the U.S. and Europe, on both major motion pictures and HD episodic television shows shooting ARRI Alexa ProRes, ARRIRAW, RED Epic, Phantom, DSLR or 35mm film, both 2D and stereo.

Major clients include: Disney | Technicolor | Deluxe | EFILM | Modern Videofilm | Crawford | Company 3 | PostWorks NY | Laser Pacific | Sixteen 19 | ARRI Film & TV | CinePostproduction

What feature projects was OSD used on?

James Bond 007 Skyfall | In Time (Codex/Alexa) | Of Men and Mavericks (Codex/ARRIRAW) | The Gangster Squad | Life of Pi | Big Sur (RED Epic/HDR-X) | Gravity (Codex/ARRIRAW) | Gambit (Alexa/ARRIRAW) | The Avengers (Codex/ARRIRAW) | Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Codex/ARRIRAW) | Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (Stereo 3D/Codex/ARRIRAW) | Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Codex/ARRIRAW) | Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods (Stereo 3D/Uncompressed DPX/Codex/Alexa) | Styria (Codex/ARRIRAW) | The Three Musketeers (Stereo 3D/HDCam SR/Alexa) | Monte Carlo (35mm) | The Debt (35mm)

What television projects was OSD used on?

CSI:Miami (CBS) | Desperate Housewives (ABC) | House (Fox) | The Lying Game (ABC) | Man Up (ABC) | NCIS: LA (CBS) | Private Practice (ABC) | Scandal (ABC) | Sons of Anarchy (FX) | Undercover Boss (CBS) | Vampire diaries (CW) | Walking Dead (AMC) | Strike Back 2 (Sky/Cinemax) | World Without End (Tandem) | The Pillars of the Earth (Tandem) | The Borgias (Showtime)

When is the software available?

PC and Mac versions are both shipping.

How much does it cost and how can I purchase it?

Please contact us for pricing info.

Is there anyway I could test the software?

If you have a supported configuration workstation available, please contact us for a download link and an evaluation license.

I want to color grade. Can I do it with the software?

Yes. The software has color grading tool set, which you can limit to CDL tools, or Lustre-compatible primaries, or use the full grading toolset including keyframe animated grades and a powerful sector corrector.

Is there a plan to expand the system into a full DI capable solution with multiple secondaries and the like?

OSD is a dedicated dailies system, designed to rapidly deliver color graded sound sync dailies from many hours of footage in multiple version and faster than realtime.

What kind of support do you have. If the system isn't working at 3:00 am? Eastern time, can I get help from anyone?

It depends on the individual Service Level Agreement. You can get our support team and development engineers via phone/skype/chat and email. We also have dedicated resellers that offer first-line support for integrated systems with hardware+software+storage.


I received my license, but what do I have to do with it?

Once you received your license, copy and paste it into a text file and save as osd.lic to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dailies\license folder.

My license is expired. What shall I do?

If your license is expired, please contact us for your new license.


What hardware is On-Set Dailies running on?

The software runs on the Mac Pro or the HP Z820 / 12 core / min 24GB RAM / NVidia Geforce 690 / NVidia Quadro 4000 / AJA Kona 3G / DVS Atomix or RED Rocket / Tangent Elementt / Wave control panel. The system is usually set up with a 27" HP GUI display and a Sony OLED / Dolby HD-SDI video broadcast monitor and optional waveform monitor.

Does OSD support the RED ROCKET card?

Yes, the software runs with one or multiple RED Rockets for stereo R3D debayering. OSD also supports realtime 2K playback on CPU de-bayer, without the need for a separate RED Rocket card.

What source formats does On-Set Dailies support?

On-Set Dailies can work with the latest digital cinematography camera formats, including Canon C500RAW, ALEXA ARRIRAW, SONY F65/F55 RAW, ProRes, DNxHD, BlackMagic CinemaDNG, uncompressed DPX, RED Epic R3D, Phantom .cine RAW, SI-2K Cineform RAW.

What metadata formats does On-Set Dailies support?

OSD supports QTake XML, ARRI Alexa XML, Codex XML, Broadcast audio BWAV including header and ARRI Lens Data System LDS.XML and Cooke \i frame-based metadata.

Can I use stereo material in On-Set Dailies?

Yes. There is an extensive featureset including left-eye right-eye color matching, vertical alignment, corner pinning, stereo depth grading. The software offers several stereo output modes including over/under, side-by-side, interlaced etc.

Can I create DVDs or Blu-Rays?

Yes. On-Set Dailies is capable of creating DVD as well as BluRay image. The DVDs are fully authored, with extensive menu, allowing the user to select a specific take, and to review all takes or selected takes only, jump between takes etc. DVDs can be individually watermarked for greater security.

Which control surfaces does OSD support?

OSD supports the Tangent Devices CP200 and Tangent Wave panels, as well as the Avid Artist Color control surface.

Is there current .R3D support for Epic?

Yes. Z820 based OSD can play back 4K R3D files without a Red Rocket.

Is the output performance with RED files and ARRI RAW files similar to the prores files in the sample video?

Yes, you can render DNxHD MXF and H264 from ARRIRAW or R3D at faster than realtime.

Can you provide me with the exact system specs?

OSD is running on the HP Z800, 12 cores, NVidia Tesla board + Quadro 4000 for preview, DVS Atomix for HD-SDI out.
Please see the hardware requirements.

Is there some sort of H.264 hardware encoder at work. Elegato H.264?

All the image processing including grading, 3DLuts, resizing, letterboxing, burn-ins etc are done in CUDA on the GPU. All encoding is on the CPU.

What raid array and HBA?

You can use internal SAS drives, external FC, NAS or SAN depending on your setup. Rorke Data, DVS Spycerbox, internal SSDs all work well.

What is the best LTO5 solution or will LTO4 work just as well?

There are a couple, from a single LTO5 drive (we use HP) to a full hierarchical storage management system, eg. Quantum Scalar i40 LTO tape library.

How much RAM is needed?

Minimum of 12GB.

8 or 12 cores?

8 or 12.

Which video card. Is a seperate card required for 4:4:4 output.?

Quadro 4000 for preview, Tesla C2050 on the PC side for CUDA, DVS Atomix, Atomix LT or RED Rocket for HD-SDI out.



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